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Students at Stanley Switlik Elem. School doing the "Big Toss Up" at the end of the Juggling workshop.

student testamonials

Ms. Hanson's 2nd Grade class, KLS

On Monday the 23rd of March 2009, you were able to come to our school, the Key Largo School,
and teach us about juggling during our Physical Education time. Your juggling was very good.
The tricks were pretty neat! Thank you for showing us how to juggle.

Seeing the show helped us to learn coordination with our hands, and our eyes.
This can help us see things better, and to play other sports well too!
We learned to do things faster, in repeated motions.

I learned that you start with 1 ball, and do it 20 times, then you can have 2 balls for 20 times,
and if you can do that, then you can get 3 balls to keep trying with.

First I only could juggle with 2, and then I learned to juggle with 3.

Ms. Ooo, La La helped us with an exercise so that when we were ready we used 2 balls,
but we didn't catch the 1st one, we caught the 2nd one.

If we don't know how to do something, we can keep practicing to get better.

Thank you for coming to our school. We hope that you can come back again,
and maybe have us in smaller classes so we can have better practice time with you!

I learned that if you get used to 1 ball, then it is easier to get used to using 2, and then 3 balls.

When we came in to the gym, Ooo, LaLa was using the hula hoops and juggling!
There was also a board that she balanced on a ball, too!

I can juggle 5 in a row now! I've been practicing in my house with tennis balls.

If you don't look at the ball, the balls will fall on the floor.
If you don't know where it's going, you can't catch them.

animated juggler

Ms Mulvihill, 4th Grade, Key Largo School

They were awesome.
It was fun and I learned alot about juggling.
I thought it was really kind of you to come and teach all the kids to juggle. I learned to juggle 3 balls.
The juggling and balancing workshop was awesome.
Juggling and balancing is cool.
You are good teachers. and yes I would like to learn more.
I learned alot. You're excellent teachers but I am not so good at it.
Watching you was amazing.
I would love for you to keep performing at my school.
Juggling is awesome because you learn something new.

animated juggler

Key Largo School, 1st grade Class

We loved learning to juggle!
We wish we could juggle for P.E. every day!
Come back soon!
You are great teachers!
We are going to practice at home and probably at school too!
Can you teach our P.E. teachers?
We would love to do more juggling!

animated juggler

Plantation Key School, 4th Grade Class

Cool and fun.
Gets your mind off alot of things.
Juggling is not as easy as you think it is.
Hard and not my thing.
It was hard. I found it interesting.

animated juggler

Gerald Adams Elementary School, Key West, FL

It was fun.
very, very good
I liked it
Awesome and cool
Thank you for teaching us how to juggle. I"m going to practice at home.
Juggling is challenging.
It surprised me that I could juggle and balance things.
Loved doing the balancing.
I liked the lady juggling 3 plastic bags.

animated juggler

3rd Grade
Thank you for teaching me how to juggle. Thank you very much
Thank you for teaching us how to juggle.
Hope you come back to teach us more.

animated juggler

2nd Grade
I liked it when Bounce helped me juggle. I learned to juggle 3 balls.
Can you juggle on a trampoline?
I learned to juggle 2 balls. I wish you guys would come to the school each day for 3 years.
I had so much fun and learned to juggle 2 balls. Can you come back again?
I learned to keep my eye on the ball and I wish the class was longer so I could learn more.
I learned that you watch the ball when you juggle.
I liked it when I got to juggle by myself and learned to juggle 2 and 3 balls.
I wished I was a juggling star.

animated juggler

4th Grade
I had so much fun juggling. It was a blast. I'll keep practicing.
At least try to come back soon. Thank you
We had so much fun juggling. I think that Gerald Adams really liked it. Thank You.
Thank you for teaching us juggling and the passing thing. Please come back.
I always really wanted to learn to juggle because my brother could.
Finally I got to learn so thank you for this opportunity. I promise to practice
Juggling looks easier than it is.

animated juggler

Student Comments from the Sugarloaf School, April 2009

I really had alot of fun learning juggling from them.
My favorite part was when I got to throw the ball up the air and catch it.
I hope Bounce and Karen come back next year because they taught us alot of things.
I think they are really good teachers and they are really good at juggling.
I liked it when we threw 1 ball up and clapped and then caught the ball.
We learned how to follow the balls with our eyes.
We learned to throw-up catch or right-left catch or 1-2 catch,
Bounce and Karen are good teachers because they showed us step by step.
I learned that juggling takes alot of patience.
Juggling is a good activity to learn because you can teach it to someone else.
Good thing to learn, cool, amazing.
I learned to never give up and practice.
I learned to practice at home with socks.
I learned you have to make an "X" when you juggle.
I thought the workshop was fun.
That was the best workshop yet.
I thought the juggling and balancing workshop was great.
It was even better than the last time.
We learned that it takes alot of concentration and focus.
Thank you for coming to our school. We appreciate it very much.
Can't wait to see you next year.

animated juggler

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