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We conclude our classes with the big TOSS UP.

Everyone can learn to Juggle. All it takes is effort, determination and practice.


Karen explaining the timing of 2 balls.

Sug-MS bal

Balancing is all about concentrating and focusing.

.Sug-G-scarves ... ZAck-club juggling ... Sug-G-rings

Bwright-switlik ...la on Rola... Daniel on ball

Once you learn 3 ball Juggling, you can experiment with other props like Scarves, Clubs, Rings, Boxes

or the Unicycle, Rola Bola or Rolling Globe.

B+K on Rola/6clubs
A next step is Partner Juggling and Passing objects possibly on a Rola Bola.

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www.LearntoJuggleToday.com • learn2juggle@bellsouth.net