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A JUGGLER Program Objectives for a Residency at a School A JUGGLER

Objective 1:
is to expose K thru 8th grade students to the art and benefits of Juggling.

Each class will begin with a short lecture demo by the professional artist on the day's Juggling task,
and followed by a Hands On Juggling Workshop.

Objective 2:
is to expose staff and faculty to the art of Juggling, and to explain how Juggling can help everyday learning and behavior.
If the school staff also engages in learning the complex physical activity of Juggling, then a schoolwide enthusiasm can develop.

Objective 3:
is to help students and staff understand and then master the step by step learning process of Juggling.
All Students and Staff in the program will learn the complete process of How to Juggle 3 Balls and
How to Teach 3 Ball Juggling. Everyone can become a teacher.
They will also learn the progression techniques for learning new tricks.
Learning to Juggle is constantly problem solving what you are doing right and what you need to change.
Each student improves in this non competitive activity at their own rate of speed.

Objective 4:
is to work with Staff and Faculty so they can run and coordinate their Juggling Project without a professional juggler on the staff.
If Teachers and Staff are involved in an ongoing Juggling learning process, then the program can continue
in the absence of a professional juggler. Kids will think up the tricks.
This goal is to have a bucket of juggling balls in every classroom.

Objective 5:
is to help students work toward strengthening their confidence in learning new and difficult tricks.
Juggling is a complex physical activity that constantly changes in difficulty as one progresses in learning new tricks,
uses new props and with working with others.
We demonstrate how to break down complex tricks.
And as one learns new tricks, confidence and self esteem builds and creativity takes leaps and bounds.

Objective 6:
is to show and teach the TEAM concept of Juggling. Solo Juggling always evolves into team play.
Passing objects with partners is a favorite aspect of most Jugglers.
Those who have learned to Juggle can move on to more difficult skills and passing rather quickly.
Passing is teamwork, patience, social interaction, creativity and fun all rolled up into one exercise of the mind and body.
We will begin by passing 3 objects between 2 people in Take-aways, Steals, Give-Aways, and then progress into passing of more objects.
We have broken down the Concept of Passing into a very simple mathematical language.
Student Jugglers can learn our language method very easy, and then effortlessly can work with almost any other Juggler
anywhere in the world.

Objective 7:
is to introduce other Juggling props to students and staff.
For younger students we often times begin our classes with Scarves, but most of the time we will use balls to begin.
Juggling Clubs and Rings are used with the more experience jugglers.

Objective 8:
is to introduce BALANCE to the art of Juggling.
We are constantly moving and shifting out weight to maintain equilibrium.
In this workshop students will understand the proper techniques of the balancing of objects on hands, toes, etc.
To balance any object, one must continually concentrate at 100%. Balancing is all about FOCUS and BODY AWARENESS.

Objective 9:
to have a school wide performance at the end of the "Learn to Juggle Week" at the school.
Each class will present to the school the skills they have learned during the week.

Objective 10:
We shall develop a progress chart that each class can post which shows the progress of their students.
A chart in each class will show students their progress and reinforce the idea that practice makes perfect.