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Learn to Juggle Dvd

In the spring of 2008, Bounce, Karen and Daniel spent a dozen afternoons at
Sigsbee Elementary School and Poinciana Elementary School in Key West, FL
Digital Video Taping themselves making this learn2Juggle DVD.

learn2Juggle is 60 Minute DVD "Step by Step Instruction" teaches You How to Juggle.
It was edited and compiled by Bounce.

"Learn to Juggle Today" DVD breaks down Juggling to its smallest and simplist parts.

We start with one ball and demonstrate the wheres, whys, and whens of the
hand position of the Throw, and wheres and hows of the hand positions of the Catches.

We emphasize the importance of the Eyes following the Objects.
We emphasize Practice and Patience, on Focusing and on Concentrating.

And we emphasize Counting Throws to set a Rhythm.

Everyone can learn, and our job in this DVD is not only to teach You how to juggle,
but also to teach you the proper techniques so You can also teach others.

To be successful in any sport, You must have good Hand/Eye coordination
and Juggling is the absolutely the best physical activity
for development of your Hand Eye Coordination.

This learn2Juggle DVD includes

1. "Juggling A...B...C's ... Learning How to Juggle with 3 Balls "

2. "3 Ball Tricks"

3. "4 Ball Juggling"

4. "4 Ball Tricks"

5. "2 Person Partner Juggling with 3 or 5 Balls "

6. "2 Person-6 Ball Passing"

7. "3 Person-9 Ball Passing"

8. "Club Juggling - Tricks and Passing"

9. "Ring Juggling - Tricks and Passing"

10. "Scarf and Grocery Bag Juggling"

11. "Ball Spinning"

12. "Teaching Small Children" breaks down Juggling to even simplier exercises.

How to Juggle 3 Balls... Instruction


DVD Cost $17.00
Shipping and Taxes Included
Send Check payable to
Bounce and Karen Grant-Margil
P O Box 5885
Key West, FL 33045

to purchase a learn2Juggle DVD using Paypal