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Our goal is to teach Juggling to all ages, but especially in the formative K-8 years.

Our goal is to teach the Physical Education Teachers how to Juggle,
and to teach them how to teach Juggling so they can run a program at their school.

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Why Juggle

Juggling helps develop Hand-Eye Coordination better than any other activity,
and Hand-Eye Coordination is required for success in every sport.

Juggling is all about Listening, Observing, Focusing, Concentrating and Practicing

Juggling is a remarkable activity where every student participates and learns at their rate.

Learning to Juggle teaches Problem Solving and Patience.

Learning new Juggling tricks Challenges the Brain.

The discipline of Juggling helps improve behavior skills of students in the classroom and can raise grades.

Success in Juggling improves self confidence and self esteem.

Juggling is for Everyone...and Everyone can learn how to Juggle.

animated juggler


We arrive at the schools with our Juggling and circus equipment as well as a professional sound system.

We begin with a short Juggling presentation where we demonstrate Juggling Balls, Rings, Clubs, etc.

A lecture demonstration follows that instructs how to Juggle one ball, two balls and then three balls.

This is followed by a Hands On Workshop where the students and staff learn how to Juggle.